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The Search Engine that Raises Money for Charity FAQ

Do I have to buy anything to raise funds for Charity?
You are under no obligation to purchase anything to raise funds using the don8 search engine. The websites listed at the top of the search results are relevant to your search and those marked as an [Ad] pay Google a fee every time a visitor clicks through to their site. Google pay a 51% share of this fee to the chosen charity. For example: if the [Ad] is paying £1 per click (some are a lot higher than this), then the charity will receive 51 pence if you click through to their website.

If you do all of your searches on don8 the charity funds will quickly accumulate into a significant amount of money and if we can spread the word to lots of similar minded people, who want to help, then the funds raised will be substantial.

Does it cost anything to use the search engine?
No, the service is totally free for the user. You get quality search results and the opportunity to raise money for UK charities just by searching for products and services, anybody can do it.

Can I go through the search engine and click all the [Ad] links to raise funds?
No that will not help, you should use the search engine as you would any other and only click through to websites that offer products or services that you are interested in. Google have a duty to protect the companies that advertise with them to prevent misuse of their service. Google monitor usage patterns and if they detect what they believe to be misuse they will not charge their advertisers and no fee will be generated for the charity.

Will all of the funds raised through my searches on the don8 search engine go to charity?
Yes, 100% of the funds raised through searches on goes to the charity: NHS Charities Together.

How does don8 pay staff wages and pay its costs for hosting the site etc?
The website is run by volunteers who currently fund all of the costs associated with developing and running the site. We want to ensure 100% of the funds raised through searches go to the charities we support and we are looking for sponsors to help fund the site. If you are interested in supporting the site please contact us:

Thank you for your support - we can't do this without YOU!
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