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The Search Engine that Raises Money for Charity

All funds raised through at present are going to UNICEF's Haiti Earthquake Childrens Appeal.

Thank you for your support - we can't do this without YOU!  




Do I have to buy anything to raise money?
No. You are under no obligation to buy or order anything. The companies advertising with Google make a donation every time a visitor clicks through to their web site from the DON8 search engine.

Does it cost anything to use the search engine?
No. The service is totally free for the user. You get quality search results and the opportunity to raise money for UK charities just by searching for products and services.

Can I go through the search engine and click all the links that make a donation?
No. Google have a duty to the companies that advertise with them to prevent misuse of their service. You should only click the web site links that can offer what you are looking for. You can click through to as many sites as you would like to visit but Google monitor usage patterns and if they detect what they believe to be misuse they will not charge their advertisers and no charity donation will be made. Multiple clicks of the same web site are detected and discarded. If you can get what you want from one of the companies that donate funds then please do so. Advertisers are not likely to support us if the visitors we send them are unproductive.

Does all of the money raised through the DON8 search engine go to the chosen charity?
Yes, 100% of the funds raised through the DON8 search engine goes to our chosen charity the UNICEF's Haiti Earthquake Childrens Appeal.

I like what you do is there anything else I can do to help?
Yes. We would appreciate any help you can give. Please Add DON8 to Your Web Site & tell everyone you know about our site Help Us.

We hope you enjoy using our service now and long into the future.



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