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Advertisers FAQ

How does the DON8 service work?
DON8 is a unique search engine generating funds for UK charities. We provide a search facility for users to find whatever they are looking for on the internet. When a user carries out a search we display featured web sites at the top of the search results (much the same way
as most search engines do). The featured web sites offer relevant products and services to the search carried out.

The featured web sites pay a fee, displayed alongside their description i.e. This Advertiser Donates 5p, every time one of our users clicks through to their web site. The higher the fee donated by the featured site the higher up the listings they appear.

Who decides which charity receives the funds?
The advertiser chooses the charity they wish to receive the funds when they deposit funds into their account. They can choose a different charity every time they make a deposit.

How do I open an account?
There is a 'List Your Site' link at the bottom of all the pages on DON8. Click the link and you will be guided through the sign up procedure.

How do I deposit money into my account?
At present we only accept funds through the post by cheque. It can be relatively expensive to accept credit card payments online and we will offer this service once we find a cost effective processing method.

How much money do I have to deposit to open an account?
The minimum deposit amount is £99.

What happens when my account runs out of money?
We will send an email reminder to you approximately 7 days before your account runs out of money. You don't have to deposit more money into your account but you do risk losing your search positions to other web sites bidding the same amount as you for the same search terms if your account runs out of money

Can I obtain a refund?
No. We forward funds to our charities upon receipt and because of this we are unable to make refunds to any advertiser. Advertisers will receive the total amount of traffic they have paid for and they can modify their search terms and descriptions at any time.

Will I be provided with statistics?
Yes. We do provide our advertisers with statistics for their accounts showing how many visitors clicked each of their search terms.

Can I list my site in the free search engine section?
We do not provide a submission facility for the free search results.

What if someone keeps clicking on my link?
We have a number of safeguards in place to protect our advertisers from multiple clicks by the same user and your account will not be charged for this type of traffic. We can't elaborate further as to the methods used as that may compromise the protection we offer. It is a high priority of DON8 to ensure that our advertisers get value for money from the service.

How long does it take to get listed?
It takes a few minutes to register for an account and a few seconds to add a search term. If you have a lot of search terms you can paste them into an online form in the 'Manage Listings' section. Once we receive your payment your account will be live the same day.

How many search terms can I bid on?
You can bid on as many search terms as you like as long as they are appropriate to your site and the products and services you provide.

What happens when a bid is tied?
When two or more advertisers bid on the same term at the same price, the first advertiser who bid on that term and price receives the higher position in the search listings. This feature adds even more value to being the first to bid on terms that currently have no bid and to be the top bidder.

Can I change my search terms at any time?
Yes, you can add, delete or amend your search terms at any time.

Does all of the money paid by me go to the charity I choose?
We provide a service that allows web site owners to promote their products and services in a cost effective and targeted way. 80% of the deposit paid by our advertisers to have their web site listed on our search engine goes directly to the charity of their choice. As with any organization we have certain costs we need to cover such as staff wages, office rent, bank
charges, hosting and development of the web site etc. We have chosen to use the service we provide to raise money for charity rather than increase our bank balance, we do this because we want to not because we have to.

How do I know that the funds raised get donated?
When you send payments to us we ask that you send two cheques, one for 80% of the payment made payable to the charity of your choice and a cheque for 20% made payable to DON8. You will get a receipt from the charity and an invoice from DON8. We intend to publish running totals of funds raised for each charity.

Do I need to bid on both the plural and singular forms of my search term?
Yes, we would suggest that you place bids for all of the different permutations for the search term you require (also you might consider bidding on common mis-spellings of your search terms).

Can I specify a rank for a search term and have it there forever?
No, our search results, by their very nature, are dynamic and we aim to provide a free and open marketplace for all of our users. It is important to us that all of our clients have an equal opportunity to be in any of the positions they desire for their search terms. If we made an exclusive arrangement for one of our clients, we would have to do it for everyone in order to be fair.


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